Being located in the eastern part of Indonesia, we are able to source the best quality of coconut from most islands of Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Java, and Maluku Island.

Our Coconut is are known for the sweet water, thick and fleshy meat, and authentic Indonesian Fresh coconut taste.

The most coconut we supply is light brown color, fully matured with minimum 60 days age

We can supply Fresh Coconuts of Indonesia origin at any required quantity at a competitive rate regularly. We can supply Fresh Coconuts without husk and with inner shell also semi husk coconuts.



Our product is sought after around the world as an exclusive flavor enhancer and for its complements of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and creamy natural taste.
Our Desiccated Coconut is noted for passing the stringent quality standard tests which guarantee purity, as well as chemical and microbiological superiority before it makes its way into the best tables in the world.


Coconut Charcoal is well-known for tropical fruit. That all the parts of the coconut are made full use: The water, kernel of the coconut is used as a drink and the coconut shell is utilized to make fuel. That kind of fuel has become increasingly popular because coconut charcoal is environmentally-friendly, highly caloric, and reasonable.